Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not the only one!

I got some really cool news yesterday, Todd's cousins wife (that sounds funny) Cindy called me yesterday to congratulate me, she is also pregnant and is due April 17th :) so at least somebody in the family will be the same age as baby Jimerson :) She already has 2 boys so she is rooting for a girl she said if I have a girl and she has another boy she might have to switch them in the hospital hehe

8/28 : Last night was another BLOATED night i really looked pregnant!!!! I drank a lot of water yesterday so I am not sure if that's why but geezzz i can't be showing already so it has to be something! This morning my belly is just a lil upset not real bad, just don't have much of an appetite.

Friday, August 24, 2007

First Doc Visit

Just got back from the doc :)

first of all I'm so glad Debbie referred me to Dr Chauhdry he is really a nice guy very easy to talk to. (He also said tanning was o.k. as long as it's not excessive)

They did an ultrasound the baby was to small for the computer to figure out a due date, The Doc is guessing April14-16. It wasn't so bad no exam but I go back in 2 weeks, and they will do one then :(

Todd was so cute asked the doc about 4 times "Only one right?" Doc said for now that's all i see but in a few weeks another one could appear ! I think Todd would pass out. He said everything looked really good I'm much more relieved now :)

The ultrasound was amazing, it's sooooo tiny but could see the heart BEAT it was like the whole baby was moving it was so small got me a lil teary eyed :)

It's just so exciting!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A little anxious

Tomorrow morning is my first check up I am a little nervous, just hoping everything is o.k. and not looking forward to the "exam" but am excited to find out when I will be due and hopefully they can answer some of my dumb questions that I have been wondering about ;) (I know there is no such thing as a dumb question).

8/23 : I have been exhausted lately not wanting to do anything but lay around and sleep but then at night i'm not sleeping real good because my bladder has been keeping me up. Good thing the salon doesn't open till 11:00 I get to sleep in :) My boobies still a lil sore but not to bad.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Big brother knows

Well I found out Todd had told Cole the day I took the home test but had told him it wasn't official until the doc said so. So this weekend Todd told him its true :) He said "I hope it's a boy so he can pass the name on I don't want kids, I know how babies are made" I could tell he was excited he had a HUGE smile and he kept calling me pregnant woman all weekend :)

He doesn't get the whole baby thing though when I explained how I can't change the litter box he said I don't get it what are you going to do clean the litter box and rub your belly with your hands hehe

Sami had a cake, and baby decorations in our camper :) She bought the baby it's first outfit duckie sleeper, hat, booties, and bib. :) also a book "Cool Baby Names"

It was a fun weekend being able to tell everyone the news. Everybody called me mama or Bob (baby on board) all weekend :)

8/20 = boobs are pretty sore, not much of an appetite but still eating because I know I have to. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reality Check

I had a friend write this when I told them the news It brought tears to my eyes but was a HUGE reality check :)

WOW Sarah!!! It is amazing that you will soon bring a new life into this world. Think about it. A life that will most likely be around on this rock for 80 to 85 years. A new life that you have created and will teach. A new life that you will be an important part of from it's beginning to until your end. A new life that will remember you until it's end. A new life that will always call you "Mother". A new life that will always depend on you. A new life that is a part of you. A new life that see's you as GOD. A new life that you can teach good or bad. A new life that will always love you.

Tonight we will be seeing Cole so we can tell him the news :) Should be interesting to see his reaction and to see what he has to say :)

8/16 : Yesterday I was bloated!!!!!!! so bloated it looked like I was showing hehe ;) Today i'm just really tired!!! no spotting though yeah :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's official

The doc called me at 11:00 and gave me the official news = I'm pregnant :)

I took a home pregnancy test yesterday morning and it was positive. Todd had to work till 5 in the morning I took the test about 8am I didn't want to wake him but I had to, got in bed with him, tapped him on the shoulder and said I took a test it's postivie, he peeked opened his eyes, looked at the test and the paper and got a HUGE smile, then said are you freakin out? ;)

Yesterday I was just in lala land not knowing for sure if I was or not, today i'm HAPPY :) a little freaked out but can't stop smiling.

I'm going to be listing everything going on with my body and in my head every day sorry if they are to graphic for anyone ;)


Last week: bloated, irritable, ate like a pig, (thought I was pmsing)

8/14 : got up took a home test = + ! Now that I look back i'm have been TIRED (more then normal) and going to the ladies room ALOT! Last night my "teets" hurt (i like that word better then the other one)

8/15 : Got the call from doc I'm pregno :) when I woke up this morning I had a bit of brown spotting when I went to the bathroom. and still peeing alot (guess I need to get used to that)