Friday, November 30, 2007

20 Weeks

Well it's the half way mark!!!!! 20 weeks I cant' believe it.

I have really been feeling her move I think she is kicking at times!
Todd got to feel her move yesterday morning, he put his hand on my stomach, and I felt her move but didn't say anything, he said WHOA! :)

I have been sleeping with a pillow in between my legs because my back is starting to hurt me. I'm still going to the bathroom alot, starting to get used it though more.

Monday, November 26, 2007


We found out on the 17th but kept quiet till Thanksgiving, Cole shared the news with my family, went around the table and everybody said what they were thankful for, Cole was last and said I'm thankful for my family and my new little sister!, my niece Lauren said you don't know that it's a girl, Sarah hasn't found out yet, I had to fill her in that he was right and we did know :)

The ultrasound went good, she was breech but the tech said she has plenty of time to flip around. She was 12 cm long from crown to rump, and heartbeat 153. Everything looked really good. She got lots of pics, cuz the lil one was really moving around. We even got to see her open and close her mouth. Todd was happy to have his little girl, and even Cole is excited to have a little sister :)

I have really been feeling her move about 10:00 everynight she gets moving around in there :) Still feeling great, and such a great feeling to feel her move around.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

17 weeks

Went to the doc on Monday he just discussed some tests with us, and we listened to the heartbeat 153 :)

I have been feeling good, I definatly am getting my appetite back! I have been constipated and my nose is really dry.

but nothing really new to report here is my 17 week pic of my belly!

Friday, November 2, 2007

16 weeks

I am 16 weeks today :) Time is going by really fast.

I had a doctor appointment (just a check up) on the 8th but he had to move it to the 12th, kind of hoping they will be able to tell me boy or girl but not sure.

I still have been feeling really good, my back is starting to hurt a little though, and at night there is no more rolling over from side to side on my belly (not so much that it's so big, just hard as a rock) but then when I roll from side to side on my back it takes me a few minutes cuz my back is really sore. I am thinking about purchasing one of those body pillows and see how that helps.