Monday, October 22, 2007

14 weeks

my 14 week belly pic

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Flippty Flop

Had a doc appointment today that brought tears to my eyes (happy tears) Doc was doing an ultrasound, the baby was laying on its back and doc is showing me the eye, heartbeat and all of a sudden FLIPPTY FLOP baby Jimerson flopped over on its side and looked right at me (also gave a shout out to daddy and big brother Cole) Doc said wow it's looking right at you mommy! I could see both eyes it was so neat!!!!!!!!!!!

In the ultrasound pic though is that it's tongue sticking out at me????

It made me finally feel like I DO have a baby in there :) I just have been feeling so good it sometimes doesn't feel like I'm even pregnant but now i defiantly know a lil one is growing and MOVING in there.

I felt bad that Todd didn't get to see it, so i stopped and bought a lil onsie that said "Daddy's lil pumpkin" and has a pumpkin on it :) Not sure if by next Halloween it will fit but tried to estimate the size :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Proud Step Mom

We got Cole's midterm grades in the mail today. 1st report card at his new school.

Language 100%
Science 95%
Social Studies 99%
Math 96%
Health Satisfactory

Such a smart kid :)

I have been feeling good, getting a little bit of my energy back. I feel like I am really starting to show now (at least my clothes aren't fitting like they used to) it will be 12 weeks tomorrow !!!