Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today is the day!

Well it's almost here!!!!!!!

We will be heading about 4:30pm or so to head to the hospital!!!! I was really excited yesterday but today it's defiantly more nerves-I have butterflies!

I didn't sleep very good, I had some pretty bad menstrual like cramps and I was having those back pains like I had earlier in the pregnancy I have been getting those lately.

I'm hoping I'm more dilated today but we will see.

Todd and I watched a movie last night and went to bed pretty early - our last night just the 2 of us for a few years ;)

He is excited to meet his Ally Cat and I can't believe soon we will get to see what she looks like!

I can't wait to start my new life being a mom and having a daughter!

Grandma, Pops and Big Brother Cole will coming in town Friday evening so Cole will hopefully get to meet his little sister Sat morning :)

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